The Parish Council

The Parish Council

A common public misconception is that a Parish Council is affiliated to the Church. Historically, this may have been true, but the Ash Parish Council (or APC) in its present form, was ‘founded’ by the Local Government Act of 1894.

The Parish Council is the ‘grass roots’ level of local government.  It plays a vital role in acting as a connection between the local community and the principle government authorities. It is non-political and non-sectarian.

The Councillors, themselves, are a team of individual volunteers who live and/or work, in and around the Ash area. They give their time freely to maintain and improve the environment, services and facilities for the residents of the local community.

The meetings of the Parish Council, are held on the first Monday in each month, except Bank Holiday Mondays, in Ash Village Hall Library. They are open to the public.

The Clerk to the Council is:
Mrs Christine Haggart, 5 Fairview Road, Elvington, KENT CT15 439
01304 832 909
There are eleven Parish Councillors who are elected for four years. (See Councillors’ Information under Site Pages for their contact details).  They  know the village and can represent the Council’s views to other authorities like the County Council, District Council, Health Authorities, Transport Authorities and Utilities and to Ministries. The Council is entitled to be consulted on planning applications and is often consulted on such things as schools and roads. The Council puts the Parish’s case at Public Inquiries.
The Parish Council is Trustee of the Recreation Ground and War Memorials and owns the allotments, Pound Corner, bus shelters, seats and some litter bins. The Council employs an Environmental Officer on a part-time basis.
THE ANNUAL PARISH MEETING is held in April each year for local residents.  All local government electors registered in Ash may attend, speak and vote on any topic of parish interest.  Members of the public and press  are welcome to attend. This is a separate meeting from the Annual General Meeting of the Parish Council which is held in May.
One notice board is in the car park in The Street, the other at the Ash Village Hall and both advertise village activities and Parish Council information including the most recent minutes. They are available, within limits of their capacity, for the display of posters for village organisations, which are invited to make use of them. They may not be used to display commercial advertisements or party political posters (except for social events) or to advertise events outside the parish.
                        The key to The Street notice board is held at Londis (Poparound)
VILLAGE DIARY (on the Parish Notice boards and Diary Dates Page)
Please try to avoid a clash of dates by contacting:

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