Planning Applications 2012

PLANNING APPLICATIONS FOR ASH 2012 – Parish Council comments in Italics;  Dover District Council decisions in CAPITALS


June 11th meeting of the Parish Council
12/00368 White Hatch, Westmarsh.  Retrospective application for the erection of a building to be used as a granny annex.  There was insufficient information on the history of the site, the length of time the prior mobile home had been in use as accommodation and the lack of floor plans for the Council to make comment.  This information was to be requested from DDC.
12/00357 Belle-Vue House, Cop Street, Ash.  Erection of a detached 3 bay garage. No objections
12/00419 Europa Nursery, Hills Court Rd, Ash. Erection of plant room building, construction of heat recovery tanks and associated groundworks. No objections
TC/12/00057 Arden Cottage, 64 Guilton, Ash.  Reduce height of two Cypress trees and crown reduce two Alders to the same height as adjacent trees. No objections.

May 14th meeting of the Parish Council
12/00235: Formation of manege – Land at Little Nash Farm, Nash, Ash, CT3 2JT . Request a condition that should the manege be lit, there be a 10pm time limit. GRANTED
12/00216: Erection of two single storey side extensions, rear conservatory and front and rear dormer roof extension (existing garage to be demolished) –  5 Glebelands, Ash, Sandwich, CT3 2HY Objections to this application are that it is overdevelopment for the size of the site; that the garage is excessively long and by extending to such a degree into the garden there will be a loss of amenity to the property facing the rear wall of the garage.  GRANTED
12/00348: Erection of a front porch extension  – 4 Glebelands, Ash, CT3 2HZ  No objections.
12/00199: Removal of wall and false arch – Padbrook, Paramour Street, Ash, CT3 2EB – (Listed Buildings) No objections. GRANTED
12/00263: Re-Pointing of front elevation – Chequer Lodge, 2 Chequer Lane, Ash, CT3 2AX  (Listed Buildings) No objections
12/00223: Erection of a single storey rear extension and external decking – Hills Court, Hills Court Road, Ash, CT3 2AN  No objections. GRANTED
12/00104: Retrospective planning application for the erection of a building for use as ancillary residential storage, following the demolition of an agricultural building.- Great Knell Farm Buildings, Molland Lane, Ash CT3 2ED  (Amendment to prior application for retrospective application for a replacement agricultural building) Objections  as there was insufficient information provided about the proposed change of use to be able to assess the consequences in any material way.

April 2nd meeting of the Parish Council
12/000164 Display of non-illuminated wall mounted sign. Paramour Farm, Paramour Street, Ash, CT13 2EB.  No objections.  GRANTED
12/00098 Part retrospective application for the erection of concrete posts and hail netting. Land at Paramour Farm, Paramour Street, Ash, CT13 2EB. No objections.  GRANTED
12/00104 Retrospective application for a replacement agricultural building and renewal of adjoining roof. Great Knell Farm Buildings, Molland Lane, Ash CT3 2ED. No objections
12/00159 Removal of agricultural occupancy condition (6) of planning permission CH/7/50/220.  Little Wass, Westmarsh, Ash, CT3 2LT. Positively supported. REFUSED on the grounds that insufficient evidence has been submitted to demonstrate that there is no longer a special agricultural need for this isolated dwelling within the countryside. As such, the application was contrary to policies DM1 and DM15 of the Core Strategy and guidance in the National Planning Policy Framework.
12/00067 Change of use and conversion of two storey and single storey outbuilding to ancillary accommodation and garage and associated external alterations.  Paramour Grange, Paramour Street, Ash. Request for a planning condition that prevents this ancillary accommodation being used for commercial / holiday letting.
12/00185 Erection of a first floor side extension. Wheatsheaf House, Cop Street, Ash, CT3 2DN.  No objections. GRANTED
12/00190 Certificate of Lawfulness (existing) for use as residential dwelling without compliance with agricultural occupancy condition 2 of STD/90/00115. Ash Coombe Vineyard, Coombe Lane, Ash, CT3 2BS. The Council noted that as the supporting documentation stated that there has been no compliance with the agricultural occupancy condition and in some letters it was stated that this was the case from the outset of the building of the house. Therefore since occupancy with no compliance had been the case for at least ten years, the Council understood that it could not object to this application.  The Council also noted it had to request the documentation by e-mail on the 2 April as this had not been available on line.
11/01113 Erection of 11 three bedroom dwellings, 3 four bedroom dwellings, car ports, construction of a vehicular access, associated car parking and landscaping (existing building to be demolished)(amended car parking layout). St Nicholas House, Queens Road, Ash. It was agreed that the changes had not improved the situation and were likely to make the parking problems worse and that the developer should provide a minimum of two car parking spaces per unit. It was agreed to make a request for allocated parking spaces for 5 & 6 Beckett Close and possibly No 4.

March 5th meeting of the Parish Council
12/00092 Telephone Exchange, Queens Road.  Installation of acoustic louvers. No objections but noted that noise tests should have been carried out at 36 Queen’s Road due to direction of prevailing winds.

February 6th meeting of the Parish Council 
11/01113 – St Nicholas House, Queens Road, Ash. Erection of 11 three bedroom dwellings, 3 four bedroom dwellings, car ports, construction of a vehicular access. Comments from parishioners and the Ash Village Hall Committee were noted:-
– insufficient sewage provision for 14 dwellings
–  possibility of preserving the 3 birch trees which had been given as gift
– the need for 1 and 2 bedroom homes in the parish not incorporated into the design and the points raised under Public Contribution Time
The Council agreed to make the following objections and comments:
– conditions are required for managing the removal of asbestos and for managing the demolition for the least possible effect on the neighbouring residents (may of whom are elderly residents) and the remainder of Queen’s Road which is mostly single lane without pavements
– insufficient parking for the development and loss of on street parking for existing residents in Beckett Close
– see allocations on Beckett Close (access from Beckett Close to parking bays is used for on-street parking at present)
– insufficient turning space out of parking spaces for units 1 and 2 onto single lane access drive into DDC Queen’s Road Car Park causing a safety hazard
– detrimental impact on 5 and 6 Beckett Close with car parking spaces directly in front of their houses where at present there is the amenity of open green space; detrimental impact on 5 and 6 Beckett Close as loss of  on street parking
– detrimental impact on residents of Beckett Close with loss of green space amenity, loss of on street parking and increased traffic
– need to improve street lighting on Beckett Close with the increase in vehicles and pedestrians
– need to address parking issues on Queen’s Road as already well-used and 2 parking spaces per unit for 4 bedroom units will be insufficient
– need to address loss of turning area fronting onto Queen’s Road for the use of emergency vehicles
– need to address the management of shared spaces at the front (with particular reference to the TPOs) and rear of the property as arrangements used in other local developments have not worked ie Collarmakers Green and Woods Ley
– need to address infrastructure improvement of mains sewerage as long history of blocked drains along Queen’s Road and density of occupation will be even higher than when St Nicholas House was fully occupied
– that the £150,000 from the developer towards ‘affordable housing’ should be retained for use in the area of the development and not go to a central district fund.

11/01133 The Bunker, Ash Radar Station, Marshborough Rd, Woodnesborough Renewal permission DOV/08/00986 the erection of buildings for use as additional storage, ancillary works. No objections as long as previous conditions remain in force. GRANTED
TC/12/00005 Anchor House, Ship Yard, Ash; fell one plum tree. No objections
TC/12/00004 Jasmine Cottage, Moat Lane, Ash; reduce one holly tree by 1.5m. No objections.
11/01093 – Erection of a two storey rear extension (existing extension to be demolished).  35 The Street, Ash. Positively supported. GRANTED
11/01144 – Erection of a single storey rear extension. Molland House, Molland Lane, Ash. No objections.GRANTED

Appeal: APP/X2220/A/12/21688342/NWF Morella House, Overland, Ash.  Erection of two single storey outbuildings to be used as a boarding cattery.  Request from the applicant for the support of the Parish Council.  The Parish Council has previously had no objections.   The Parish Council agreed to support the appeal on the grounds that the applicant had specialist expertise in the care of cats; that as there were no close neighbouring properties there would be no impact on them; that the Parish Council believed this local business could be sustainable without causing detriment to the rural location; that the extra traffic would be negligible. It was noted that any extra traffic could be counterbalanced by the removal of the illegal mobile home sites in the area that generate considerably more daily traffic in the area than would arise from this business.

January 9th meeting of the Parish Council
11/00807 – Richborough Power Station, Ramsgate Road, Sandwich.  Demolition of chimney and cooling towers, creation of a site compound and associated works (additional works). The scoping opinion was circulated to councillors for information.
11/00960 – Trinity House, Ware, Ash. Erection of 5 dormer roof extensions.  Positively supported. REFUSED
11/01055 – 5 Gardners Close, Ash. Erection of a rear conservatory extension. No objections. GRANTED
11/01091 – 1 Russett Close, Ash. Conversion of garage to habitable room.  No objections. GRANTED
11/01113 – St Nicholas House, Queens Road, Ash. Erection of 11 three bedroom dwellings, 3 four bedroom dwellings, car ports, construction of a vehicular access. It was noted that since the site notices for this application had only just been put up, the Council would consider this application at the February meeting should there be any comments received from the public.  The Council had concerns over the safety of the access from parking areas 1 and 2; that parking areas 3 and 4 were currently in use by the occupants of Beckett Close.  There were concerns about the how effective the management of ‘shared’ spaces would be based on the experience of similar areas at the Collarmaker and Woods Ley sites.  It was noted that the 4 bedroom houses were only allocated 2 parking spaces.