Local Information

The Parish of Ash is fortunate to have an active and lively community.  Click here to see a map of the parish. The Information pages will give you details about how to  join in village life.

Parish Council Page has information about how  your local council works, when meetings are held and how it differs from the next level of local government, Dover District Council. You can also see the Council’s Code of Conduct, Financial Regulations, Publication Scheme and Standing Orders.

Local Groups Page gives details of all the groups that meet either weekly or monthly, from the Rainbows to the WI.  You can also find out what is happening by going to Events.

Sports Groups Page gives details of all the local sports clubs.

Welfare Services Page gives details of the Doctors’ Surgery and other health and welfare services that you may need, such as the Chemist.

Local Services Page gives details on the local schools, churches, charities,  Ash & Westmarsh villages’ halls,  shops and services.

Local History Records gives information on local contacts for historical records and archives for Ash

Services Provided by DDC and KCC gives details of where to report problems with roads eg potholes, repairs to street lights etc; as well as the number for Dover District Council and the Waste Line and any problems with Public Rights of Way and Highways.