Twinning with Templemars April 2017

On Saturday 29th April 2017, the village of Ash was twinned with the small French village of Templemars.  Nearly sixty people from Templemars came by coach to witness the signing at St Nicholas Church, Ash.  This was followed by a short tour of the village and the two schools.  The visitors were most taken with the Art Exhibition and the lovely cakes and coffee thanks to the Friends of the St Nicholas Church.  They also enjoyed the beautiful countryside and charming English buildings, as well as the friendliness of everyone they met in Ash.

Templemars is a small village just outside of Lille.  It has a long history.  Like our village, it was a Roman settlement, hence the name Templemars.  It is a very busy place with many social clubs and good sporting and creative facilities.  It even figures in Alexander Dumas’s  “Three Musketeers”.

Now that the Twinning has been signed and is official we hope to start an active Twinning Association to organise Francophile events in the village and visits to Lille and Templemars – for all of us, and especially for the schools.  For example, we have been invited by the people of Templemars to the annual Beer Festival in September.  It is one of the largest in the world and a gourmet experience, as Lille is home of the best waffles, beer and chocolate in France.

If you would like to join the Twinning Association, then please contact Penny Bernard on 01304 812 177 or